Board & Officer Job Descriptions

Photo used with permission from Kit Broihier

The MAND Board of Directors is in the process of updating some of the job descriptions for positions within our association. Below you will find links to the job descriptions already completed and to those still in draft form.

Voting Board of Directors:


President Elect

Immediate Past President


Affiliate Delegate

Nominating Committee/Chair


State Professional Recruitment Coordinator

Public Policy Coordinator

 Public Relations Chair

Reimbursement Representative

State Policy Representative

 State Regulatory Specialist 

Education Chair

Dietetic Technician Representative

Policies/Procedures/Bylaws Chair


Non-voting Officers:

Newsletter Editor

State Licensure Liaison

Membership Chair

Fundraising Chair

Awards Chair


Career Opportunities Chair

Conference Planning Committee Chair

Representative to External Entity

Student/Intern Representative to the MAND Board

Communications Coordinator

Food Insecurity Task Force Chair

Nominating Committee (2)











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