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Welcome fall! As the weather cools, MAND’s work is heating up. We did not take the summer off, but as we head into autumn, we do have more “on our plate” as an association!

Some of you don’t know me yet, so here are a couple of the things I’m interested in working on during my year at the helm of MAND.

  • Maine is not a small state, and I would like to see more opportunities for e-learning for members. Of course, in-person conferences should continue, but I feel electronic learning opportunities should be offered as well. Getting that off the ground may take more time than I have in my year as MAND president, but we are in an electronic age and should certainly capitalize on the opportunity.
  • As the president of MAND I would also like to see more RDs/DTRs stand up for the profession and get more involved in public policy. The field of nutrition is becoming more popular and is expected to grow by 16% by 2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I am hoping that more members will get involved and fully advocate for our profession.

We are not having a fall conference this year because of FNCE being so close in Boston. (We will be having our conference in the spring). I hope to see lots of MAND members at FNCE this year!

Andrea Byther

2016-2017 MAND President

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