Welcome to the Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

President’s Message

I hope you have enjoyed our fleeting summer months! Let’s all get out there and make the most of the precious last weeks!

I thought it best to start my term as MAND President telling you a little about myself. I currently work in nutrition and diabetes education with the pediatric population in Bangor. I have met and worked with some excellent nutrition professionals and mentors along my career path who have encouraged me to become more involved with MAND. As I head into my fifth year of being an RD, I hope that I can influence other new dietetic professionals to also become involved. MAND has lots of opportunities for leadership and network-building—please reach out to anyone on the Board if you’re interested in having a role of any size.

Over the next few months, MAND board members will be planning our annual Legislative Breakfast. We are also working on an exciting Spring Conference. These are just a couple of areas where we could use more member input! In the coming year we will strive to increase MAND membership activity by offering benefits such as webinars, networking and additional educational opportunities. Also, be on the lookout for a membership survey—and be sure to let us know your thoughts about what MAND can offer its members.

Finally, I would like to thank our previous MAND President, Andrea Byther for her excellent guidance during my transition from President-Elect to President. I am extremely excited and hopeful for our coming MAND year. I’m honored to be working with—and for—all of our members, and look forward to seeing how much we can accomplish together this next year.

Ali Caron, MS, RD, LD

2017-2018 MAND President

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